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As a toddler I wanted to draw lines on roads. It started once with drawing of Willam of Orange at primary school and later with a passion for line and free drawing at secondary school. When I was still called 'Rudie'.

Love for the city Utrecht ('Domstad'), architecture, photography and computer technology are piece by piece combineer with my realistic work. Detailed drawings, in which buildings, discomposed of disruptive elements and enriched in several wats, so that after being long forgotten the may shine in the leading role.

So that we may finally remember what a beautiful city our beloved Utrecht is.


It was my dear wife Ella who motivatie me to pick up drawing again. After the discovery of Adobe Fresco on the iPad, I was hooked again. The passion of a young guy, re-found in a modern age.

Passionately and driven I shed myself into the world of style and technique. It was my last practice drawing ‘Harlingen’, that brought artist-ship and ‘Gallery Rudie’ to life.


From William of Orange to the birth of Domstad Rudie. In sickness, health, happiness and sadness. Drawing was, and is, my tower of strength. A passion that I can always return to – a love that never fades.

I would like to pass on my love for drawing to you.


Love for the Domstad (Utrecht), architecture, photography and computers come together in my realistic work.


Ruud van den Berg | Lofoten 101 | 3524 EP Utrecht | The Netherlands | +31 (0)6 51 09 68 97 | info@domstad-rudie.nl

"Domstad Gallery"

Domstad Slaapspecialist | Mariaplaats 3 | 3511 LH Utrecht | The Netherlands | +31 (0)30 231 02 48 | info@domstadslaapspecialist.nl | www.domstadslaapspecialist.nl

Art reproduction

Gallery Color makes beautiful art reproductions of my work. See www.gallerycolor.nl

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